Ankle Shoe Nubuck 43 Waterproof Size 43 7294Tkk Beta 9 Greased xWU8Bq0awf

Ankle Shoe Nubuck 43 Waterproof Size 43 7294Tkk Beta 9 Greased xWU8Bq0awf

Beta Waterproof 9 Ankle Size 43 Shoe 43 Greased 7294Tkk Nubuck
At Animal Packers we take our full supply chain into consideration. That means you can rest assured that every step along the way, from design to production, to shipping, our lovingly designed backpacks have been handled with care and everyone involved has been paid and treated fairly. We've taken great attention to detail to be sure that no toxins or environment-damaging chemicals are used in any of our products too.
Laser Women's black Leather Dark ZER Wingtip 2 GRAND Roast Oxford qqp1wtC
We Visit the Factory
The first thing we do is actually VISIT the factory that will produce our bags. When we are welcomed with open arms, and allowed to walk around with ease, we know that factory has nothing to hide.

We Audit for Social Compliance
We ensure that the factory has major Social Compliance Certification, such as BSCI Disney Authorization based on Disney International Labor Practices. If the factory doesn’t have these certifications, we have a Social Compliance Audit done on our behalf. The factory must pass for these things:
  • No Child Labor
  • No Forced Labor
  • Greased Ankle Beta 9 Size Waterproof Shoe 43 43 Nubuck 7294Tkk No Discrimination
  • Fair Wages
  • Fair Working Hours
  • Safe Working Conditions
  • Environmental Responsibility
We’ve designed our packaging to be both fun for kiddos and eco-friendly! How? Our shipping box, made from 200lb. cardboard, protects the contents during shipping and is reusable. Our white box features black-line cartoon drawings of our Spokes-Mutt, Rocket. Kids can color the box with markers, crayons or paints then use it to store their special treasures!
Carbon Footprint Offset

Shipping is one of the largest polluters of our planet. So how do we responsibly import our bags? We use a Freight Forwarder who will calculate the Carbon Footprint of each shipment. We have opted into this Burgundy Studded Red Flats Bar T Pointed Suede Faux wYq8SYHO.100% of our carbon credit fees are donated to
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7294TKK 43 Beta Size 9/43 Greased Nubuck Ankle Shoe Waterproof En20345 S3 Hro Src