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to weary



Past participle


Other forms: weary oneself/not weary

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In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.



  • I weary
  • you weary
  • he/she/it wearies
  • we weary
  • you See Flats promotion Chlo�� By Boutique weary
  • they weary


  • I wearied
  • you wearied
  • he/she/it wearied
  • we wearied
  • you wearied
  • they wearied

Present continuous

  • I am wearying
  • Chlo�� By promotion Boutique See Flats youare wearying
  • he/she/it is wearying
  • we are wearying
  • you are wearying
  • they are wearying


Future perfect

  • I will have wearied
  • you will have wearied
  • he/she/it will have wearied
  • we will have wearied
  • you will have wearied
  • they will have wearied

Past continuous

  • I was wearying
  • you were wearying
  • he/she/it was wearying
  • we were wearying
  • you were wearying
  • By See promotion Boutique Chlo�� Flats theywere wearying

Past perfect

Future continuous

Present perfect continuous

  • I have Chlo�� promotion By See Boutique Flats beenwearying
  • you have been wearying
  • promotion Chlo�� By Flats Boutique See he/she/ithas Chlo�� See By Boutique promotion Flats beenwearying
  • we have been wearying
  • you have been wearying
  • they have been wearying

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been wearying
  • you had been wearying
  • he/she/it had been wearying
  • we had been wearying
  • you had been wearying
  • they had been wearying
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Future perfect continuous


  • weary
  • let's weary
  • weary


By Chlo�� Boutique promotion Flats See Present

  • wearying

Boutique See promotion Flats Chlo�� By Past

  • wearied


  • to weary

Perfect Participle

  • having wearied
weary verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons.
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