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See how our lightning-fast reinsurance analytics platform can revolutionize the way you price contracts and roll-up portfolios.

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Contact us to find out how the world’s fastest reinsurance analytics platform can help you leverage the data behind your portfolio.

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Analyze Re does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties. Read our privacy policy.

Analyze Re provides powerful capital-markets style real-time analytics technology which is designed to significantly improve pricing, roll-up and strategic planning of reinsurance contracts and portfolios.

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Boost Profitability

Create strategic growth or risk-reduction scenarios to understand the impact on portfolio profitability.

Arm the executive and underwriting teams with unique decision making capability.

Price Complex Contracts

Model and price complex contract structures in real-time.

Provide your underwriters with real-time marginal impact metrics, improve the structuring of outwards reinsurance programs and build more balanced portfolios.

Evaluate Changes in Real-Time

Perform interactive “what-if” analytics to evaluate small or large changes to portfolios and gain new insight.

Instantly see the impact on profitability and improve decisions in the entire underwriting chain.

Analyze Re’s big-data analytics helps insurers, reinsurers and ILS companies improve combined ratios and uncover hidden profits through smarter portfolio decisions.

Real-time Analytics
Renewal Insights
Enhanced Team Productivity
Real-time Analytics

Use the power of real-time analytics to create sophisticated executive dashboards and gain insight into your portfolios.

  • Understand whether key risk criteria or portfolio limits are being met and drill down in real-time.

  • Check zonal PMLs or TVaR limits at the portfolio level across multiple return periods.

  • Review individual contract metrics to find the top risk contributors.

  • Browse multiple portfolio perspectives such as current, in-force, authorized, live and roll-up on any field.

Renewal Insights

Unique technology which helps to improve your return on capital through better strategic planning and execution during renewals.

  • Guide executive strategic decision making.

  • Help underwriting teams to evaluate risk vs. reward against portfolio growth or rate change scenarios.

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    See how specific contracts impact and should be scaled in relation to the overall strategic plan.

  • Determine a more equitable allocation of risk into ILS funds or sidecars and increase transparency for investors.

Enhanced Team Productivity

Speed up the productivity of your data scientists and development team.

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    Powerful API driven technology that integrates with your existing platform.

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    Quickly prototype new analytics capability using our flexible risk engineering library.

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    Leverage Analyze Re’s supercomputing infrastructure and never worry about future performance and scalability.

  • Democratize your data and allow your technical teams to easily create new analytics reports. No coding required.

See how real-time analytics can be used to gain a competitive advantage.

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